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Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 01:51 AM PST
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Better Living Cooking & Massage Class

Healthful Living

     On Sunday, April 24 we had a total vegetarian cooking demonstration and massage therapy class at the South St. Paul Church in Minnesota. The church health department, together with local church member and volunteers worked together with Breach Builders Ministry to demonstrate and serve a healthy dinner alternative. The menu included a total vegetarian Tofu Enchiladas EntrĂ©e topped with a delicious non-dairy cheese. We also had a very nutritious green salad topped with creamy cucumber dressing and a side of garlic bread. For desert we served our non-dairy delicious Cream Cheese pie. We had more than 80 church members and visitors on Sunday and everyone, including the children really enjoyed the food, together with the demonstrations. God’s plan of health and healing is simple, nutritious, and delicious. What a joy it was to work with Pastor Tinoco, and the members of the South St. Paul Church. Everyone was so co-operative and helpful during the demonstrations.     

      In addition to the total vegetarian cooking demonstrations, we had a practical massage class. Three therapists not only demonstrated the art of massage, but they each gave short full-body massage to many church members and visitors. The art of massage will improve circulation and help to break up congestion so that the life giving blood may reach all parts of the body. The massage demonstrations were very simple, fun, and helpful to everyone. We have received many good reports from those individuals who attended our seven day Better Living seminar. We have received many reports from those who had various health problems and after following God’s plan they have been restored to health. We are rejoicing in the Lord for the wonderful reports of health, hope, and healing to the people of South St. Paul. May God’s grace and love abound in your heart and life as we prepare to meet our God

Better Living Cooking & Massage Class

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 2

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Off Grid Living Hydroelectric Project 1 of 8

Country Outpost Info.

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A Powerful Feeding Ministry in India

Evangelism News


A Lifechanging Feeding Ministry We found our special feeding ministry to be widely accepted and to be among the greatest blessings to the people of India. Many people came from long distances (15km) to the meetings and they spent the whole morning with us on the last Sunday. We had many local volunteers participate in this feeding ministry. The volunteers constructed a make-shift kitchen under a smaller tent behind the tent used for the meetings each night. There were four (4) fire-pits constructed out of hard clay that would be used to heat the rice, curry sauce, potatoes, and noodles. On the last Sunday after our baptisms, there were five volunteers and five bible workers working together to cook the food and serve it to as many as 1000 people at each site. It put a BIG smile on the face of every man, women and child to receive this unexpected gift of love. The women and children were organized on one side, while the men were organized on the other. All sat down and received a plate of food. I’m sure you can tell from the pictures that everyone was very happy. This ministry is an object lesson of the great blessing in store for those who are faithful to Jesus. One day very soon, God’s people will have a special marriage supper in the heavenly New Jerusalem. This truth is illustrated in Matthew 22, and Revelation 19:6-9. Just as this supper brought many happy faces to the people of Sundarban, so will the great marriage supper in heaven bring many happy faces to the people of God. “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” Revelation 21:4. Let us all keep this vision in view as we approach the consummation of our hope in these final hours of earth’s history. Amen!

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Victory in India - Over 775 Baptized!

Evangelism News

    God is so good! We are so very thankful to God for the souls that decided for baptism on this trip. This mission trip to Kolkuta, India will go down as one of the most memorable and challenging mission trips so far. Nonetheless, it was a great, life-changing blessing! We all learned many valuable lessons on this trip. I will not here dwell upon the challenges and lessons from this trip. However, I would like to thank God especially for His grace and Pastor Ron Goss of Project Restore for sponsoring this trip. I would also like to thank Pastor Ron Watts of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for his support to the people of India. And finally, I would like to thank Haige Velasco, Pastors David Vikas, Nirmal Manna, Dr. Sanchia, and the twenty-five (25) bible workers and volunteers in Kolkuta, West Bengal, India for their hard work and dedication to the success of this mission trip. This mission trip was indeed a group effort. Every person was vital to its success.



Island South 24 Paraganas, Sundarban


India's Lifestyle & Culture As we journeyed to our first meeting site, I couldn’t help but notice the unique culture and life-style of the people on this Island. The Sundarban area is an island located in the west Bengal state of India. It has a large population of people who are dedicated to the Hindu religion. They live a very simple life and have many hard battles to fight such as poverty, sickness, disease, and hard labor. The Sundarban people are very industrious; building their homes out of bamboo, clay, bricks, and straw. I found the people of this area to be very nice and sacrificial. The women work hard at keeping the home and raising the children, while the men work in the rice and potato fields or in the market selling and exporting goods.

    One thing I found most interesting was how closely the Sundarban culture compares to the culture of the new-testament. From the activity in the market place, to the selection of employees, the drawing of water from the well, the marriage ceremony, and much more all tends to relate to the biblical culture of the new-testament with amazing accuracy. read more>>

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Bolivia Missionary Tour & Update - January 2011

Evangelism News


Bolivia Missions, Life & People What a BLESSING this trip was to Cochabamba, Bolivia this past January, 2011. Originally, we had seven people scheduled to go on this trip. At the last minute, I found out that most of them could not go for various reasons. We had a plan to work together in training the pastors and church members using the ASI Ministries training material for evangelism. ASI Ministries had pledge to donate the material for the local mission conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia. However, we were not able to make the training material available to the mission conference during this trip. As the last day approached for us to depart, we discovered another major problem. We had no translators to interpret the sermons and material to Spanish. In desperation I prayed that God would work a miracle and provide all the help that was needed. Then I posted a message on facebook communicating our needs to the people within the Breach Builders support group. Immediately, a young lady named Dagmar Encinas who currently lives in Cochabamba, Bolivia offered to help us. Fortunately Dagmar speaks spanish and english very well. What an answer to prayer!


Bolivia Land, Friends & Health Missions

Upon my arrival in Cochabamba, Bolivia I couldn’t help but to notice the unique life and culture of the native Bolivian people. I found them to be very friendly and courteous in spite of the language barrier between us. What a great blessing this mission trip was for everyone on the team. read more>>>

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