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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 07:11 PM PDT
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What to Consider When Buying Property

Country Outpost Info.

Every property has advantages and disadvantages. It might be a good idea to make a list, in order of importance, of what you envision as being the best for you. Do not feel obligated to make a certain property work which is not right for you. Don't fel pressured to buy any parcel without much prayer and careful consideration of the following eight points.
1. Good water
A spring that arises on the property will reduce the possibility of contamination from adjoining parcels. The best location for water is at a higher elevation than the house; this enables gravity flow without the need for pumping. Other water sources are useful and desirable; creeks, rivers, lakes, or ponds for irrigation.
2. Good soil
River or creek bottom for growing food is a good choice.
3. Wood
Your property should have hardwood or evergreen trees because it is essential as a fuel source for cooking and heating. Log cabins can be built and/or lumber can be cut by hand methods for use in construction.
4. Location
It is important that you choose a quiet, secluded place, an attractive country setting, a place you would love to visit or live. It should be a place of scenic beauty, if to no one else but you.
5. Financial Consideration
Make arrangements to get your property paid for as soon as possible. Watch for providence in price or provision from family and friends.
6. A Place with Buildings
Try to find a place with buildings already on it. This will put you at a great advantage immediately. (see Loma Linda Messages p. 474)
7. Invite Others
Make plans to invite others to your "outpost" and make it enjoyable.
8. Clean (smog free) air is very important
Don't settle for less!


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How to Maintain a Healthy Frontal Lobe

Healthful Living

     The human brain is divided into several sections or lobes.  Each lobe has its distinct role and function.  Just behind the forehead, the largest brain lobe is called the Frontal Lobe.  The frontal lobe is the seat of judgment, reasoning, intellect and will.  Designed to be the control center of our body, its function affects our individuality and character, morality and spirituality.  Among created life, man has been endowed with the most sizable frontal lobe.  Man’s total brain size is 33-38% frontal lobe.  Our understanding of man’s three-dimensional nature (mental, physical, spiritual) is even more strikingly demonstrated by this fact.  Yet, looking at the animal creation we see an interesting set of comparisons to be made. 


First, frontal lobe sizes:


Cat - 3.5%

Dog - 7%

Chimpanzee - 17%

Human - 33-38%


In addition, many animals have areas of the brain that are more developed than man!  The cerebellum which governs coordination and agility (touch), the occipital lobe controls vision (sight) etc. show that the animal kingdom operate by design more distinctly by sensory input (the senses) or instinct than reason.

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Trust in God

Healthful Living

Trust has been defined as placing confidence in or depending upon someone or something. In the complex ever changing world in which we live, people put their trust in many things. What should people trust in? Is there anything or anybody that can be trusted—completely trusted? Someone who is always the same, —someone who is strong enough to deal with the toughest situation? Something that is absolute no matter where it is or what it encounters?
·       Prov 3:5, 6
·       Hebrews 13:8
·       Mal 3:6
God does not change, neither do His laws change. God has a plan for our health—eight simple laws. One of the eight laws often overlooked is that of Godly trust.

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Proper Rest

Healthful Living

“And He said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.” Mark 6:31


     In this lesson the benefits of rest or sleep will be studied. When a person exercises in the open air and sunshine the natural result will be fatigue. The cells in the body can not keep up their work indefinitely without rest. When we exercise, energy is used faster than it is restored; tissues are broken down faster than they are rebuilt; and poisons are formed faster than they can be eliminated. The body then needs rest to restore its cells, tissues, and organs to renewed vigor.

·       Proverbs 3:24

·       Proverbs 6:22


“No subject which is presented to the inhabitants of our cities should command so large an interest as that which concerns physical health. True temperance calls for total abstinence from strong drink. It calls also for reform in dietetic habits, in dressing, in sleeping.” Temperance p.196

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Swine Flu Vaccine 1976

Healthful Living

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