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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 07:13 PM PDT
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Our Body Temple

Healthful Living

Memory Gem: “The knowledge that man is to be a temple for God, a habitation for the revealing of His glory, should be the highest incentive to the care and development of our physical powers.” Ministry of Healing 271 1. What temple or house does God desire to live in today?


a. ____________________________________________________________ Hebrews 3:6

b. ____________________________________________________________ 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17

c. ____________________________________________________________ 2 Corinthians 6:16

d. ____________________________________________________________ 2 Peter 1:13, 14 2

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Facebook of Judgement

Bible Studies

By Peter Chung

INTRO: Facebook, is a free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors, having overtaken main competitor MySpace in April 2008. ComScore reports that Facebook attracted 132.1 million unique visitors in June 2008, compared to MySpace, which attracted 117.6 million. In a 2006 study conducted by Student Monitor, a New Jersey-based company specializing in research concerning the college student market, Facebook was named the second most popular thing among undergraduates, tied with beer and only ranked lower than the iPod.

Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. But unaware to many, there is another network profile of every man, woman and child that lived on this earth. Where all must Face The Book.

What is this mysterious facebook? Daniel 7:9-10.

What is contained in this face book? Ecc 3:17.

Who is writing a transcript of all our thoughts, actions, and motives? Every man's work passes in review before God, and is registered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness. Opposite each name in the books of Heaven is entered, with terrible exactness, every wrong word, every selfish act, every unfulfilled duty, and every secret sin, with every artful dissembling. Heaven-sent warnings or reproofs neglected, wasted moments, unimproved opportunities, the influence exerted for good or for evil, with its far-reaching results, all are chronicled by the recording angel. {GC88 481.3}

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Philipines Mission Trip #2

Evangelism News

We praise God for the miracles and lifechanging experiences here in Bohol, Philippines. The video here is a short clip of the work that has been done so far. We had a wonderful experience and the Holy Spirit is still working with us here. Dean and Blanca had the first Youth Extreme meetings and we are having another one this weekend. Bert will be presenting practical Christian principles and bible study methods with this group of young people. We will have health classes and share pre-loaded MP3 players with those who made a committment to surrender their rap/hip-hop CD's.


In the video below you will see many of the youth here in the Philippines experiencing lifechanging sermons by Dean Ferrel. Many of them were willing to give up the ways of the world and learn new ways of having good clean social fun without compromising Christian principles. I really enjoy working with the youth here. They are so willing to learn and love Christ in spite of their peers. Cross Roads International has established a mission station and training center here in Bohol. The youth extreme meetings were held here at the new facility. Thanks God for his wonderful mercy and life-changing love. We give Him all the praise!

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Philippines Mission Trip #1

Evangelism News

     It is almost time to board the plane – as we’re headed to Korea, and the Philippines. Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also work on the final details for the media mission station in Bohol.

     About four (4) years ago, we had an evangelistic meeting and baptized more than fifty, (50) souls for Christ. It was decided that we should do something different then we had done in the past to follow-up with the newly baptized candidates. We decided to purchase land in Bohol and build a church, together with another building that would serve as a radio/T.V. station to reach more people in that area. So we purchased property and built two (2) buildings as planned. The one building (a church) would be donated to the Mission Conference in Cebu. The other would be the Media Center for training in missionary work and lifestyle education.

      Ray and I are scheduled to arrive in Cebu on January 19, 2010 in the late evening. We will spend the night at East Visayan Academy. In the morning we will take a boat over to the Island of Bohol. We will work with the youth and young adults to better establish them in the faith of Jesus. More than twenty young people surrendered their hip-hop CD’s last week after hearing an appeal from Dean Ferrell to live a more godly life. The entertainment industry has a strong hold on many young people around the world. After hearing about this we decided to purchase MP3 players and preload them with good Christian music, stories, and the Bible. We will give them to those who have maintained their commitment to Christ.

       On Feburary 02, a team of fourteen (14) of us will meet in Manila for the second phase of our mission trip. We will work during the day to finish the construction of a church. If you remember, Manila was hit the hardest by the typhoon last year. Many homes in that area need major repair. During the evening I will lead out in an evangelistic meeting on the prophesies of Revelation. May God be with each team member as we travel and share the good news of salvation. We solicit your prayers! We will update you weekly with our report and pictures as the trip develops.  

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How God Increases Faith

Bible Studies

Wherefore hast Thou afflicted Thy servant?" --Numbers 11:11

Our heavenly Father sends us frequent troubles to try our faith. If our faith be worth anything, it will stand the test. Gilt is afraid of fire, but gold is not: the paste gem dreads to be touched by the diamond, but the true jewel fears no test. It is a poor faith which can only trust God when friends are true, the body full of health, and the business profitable; but that is true faith which holds by the Lord's faithfulness when friends are gone, when the body is sick, when spirits are depressed, and the light of our Father's countenance is hidden. A faith which can say, in the direst trouble, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him," is heaven-born faith. The Lord afflicts His servants to glorify Himself, for He is greatly glorified in the graces of His people, which are His own handiwork. When "tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope," the Lord is honoured by these growing virtues. We should never know the music of the harp if the strings were left untouched; nor enjoy the juice of the grape if it were not trodden in the winepress; nor discover the sweet perfume of cinnamon if it were not pressed and beaten; nor feel the warmth of fire if the coals were not utterly consumed. The wisdom and power of the great Workman are discovered by the trials through which His vessels of mercy are permitted to pass. Present afflictions tend also to heighten future joy. There must be shades in the picture to bring out the beauty of the lights. Could we be so supremely blessed in heaven, if we had not known the curse of sin and the sorrow of earth? Will not peace be sweeter after conflict, and rest more welcome after toil? Will not the recollection of past sufferings enhance the bliss of the glorified? There are many other comfortable answers to the question with which we opened our brief meditation, let us muse upon it all day long.

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