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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 07:13 PM PDT
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Prevailing Prayer Made Simple

Bible Studies

     This morning as I was meditating on the life of Jesus, I became impressed with the importance of prayer. Jesus prayed often! The passover service was designed by God to remind the Jews of their deliverance from Egypt. In this work He desired them to see a promise of deliverance from sin. If Joseph and Mary would have kept this idea in mind, they would have never lost sight of Jesus during His first visit to Jerusalem as a child. God desired that they should be led to prayerful study and meditation of Christ's mission. Sadly, the excitment of travel and social intercourse captivated their attention and the service they had witnessed was forgotten.

     How is it with us today? Are we absorbed with worldly cares and social intercourse to the neglect of prayful study and meditation? Remember, prayerful meditation and study is the link that connects us with Christ. It is sometimes stated, "Prayer is the key that op ens heaven." Few realize the mighty power there is in the prayer of faith.

"The prayer of the humble suppliant Christ presents as His own desire in that soul’s behalf. Every sincere prayer is heard in heaven. It may not be fluently expressed; but it the heart is in it, it will ascend to the sanctuary where Jesus ministers, and He will present it to the Father without one awkward, stammering word, beautiful and fragrant with the incense of His own perfection." D.A. 667.


Note the following bible verses.

Preparation For Prevailing Prayer    

  1. Heb. 11:6. "He that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." D.A. 200.
  2. Matt. 6:12-15. We must forgive those that have wronged us as we wish God to forgive us.
  3. Matt. 5:23-25. If others have anything against us, we should seek to make it right.
  4. Ps. 66:18. There should be a hatred of sin. God hears prayer when the sinner is ready to exchange sin for righteousness.
  5. Prov. 28:9. Three must be an obedient mind. The transgressor of the law is heard if he is willing to obey. T., v. 9, p. 164.
  6. John 15:16. Our requests must be presented in the name of Jesus. D.A. 668.
  7. Job 35:13. Pride and vanity should be put away.
  8. Jas. 1:6, 7. The individual that one day asks God to help him overcome sin and the next day chooses sin, can not expect help.       

May God help us to learn the science of prevailing prayer!

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A Message of Supreme Importance #1

Bible Studies

 Righteousness by Faith in Jesus   

     My greatest desire is to see Jesus Christ face to face. Nothing in this world matters in comparison to this goal. It is my motivation and my hope everyday. As I consider the condition of the world today; along with the biblical predictions of the last days, I am certain that we are here. I am just as certain that Jesus is coming! But before His coming in the clouds of heaven, He must come in the spirit and power of Elijah the prophet. "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:" Malachi 4:5. We are living in a time when the Elijah message is sounding. It is a message of supreme importance! In 1888 it came to the people of God through brethrens Jones & Waggoner, along with the ministry of Ellen G. White.


     What were the conditions that led up to this message of supreme importance. In order to understand this, it is well to give most careful consideration to the message of the spirit of prophecy just preceding the Minneapolis conference of 1888.

·       The testimony of the spirit of prophecy during the year of 1887 gave warning of danger!!

·       They named again and again a specific evil, a deception into which the church was falling.

·       That deception was pointed our as the fatal mistake of drifting into formalism; the substitution of forms, ceremonies, doctrines, machinery, and activities

·       The heart experience which comes alone through fellowship with Christ Jesus our Lord was lacking

·       The specific dangers was kept before minister and laymen which appeared in the Review and Herald.


Consider the following quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy.

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Off Grid Living Made Simple

Country Outpost Info.

The first thing you will need to know is what you are planning on running in this time of emergency. The fewer the items or the smaller the amperage, the smaller or least costly inverter will be needed. I will give a simple formula that will give you an idea of the size of inverter you will need.

If the appliance you are planning on using is listed in watts, just go ahead and use that number. If it is listed in amps you just need to use this simple formula: volts (120) X amps (listed on device) = watts. This will give you the amount of watts the appliance will be using. So if you had a 3 amp appliance, and you wanted to find the watts, the formula would be: 120 (volts) X 3 (amps) = 360 watts.

You would then total all of the watts that you will be using and come up with a number. Lets say your total watts usage is 500 watts. If that's the case it would be a good idea to get a 750 watt inverter. Always get a larger size than what you think you will need, it may come in handy.


Your next step will be to determine where your power supply is going to come from. If it is for emergency purposes there is a very good chance that it will be coming from a battery hooked up to your vehicle, or you may be a little better prepared and have a bank of batteries hooked up in a parallel fashion. Since most people reading this are probably unfamiliar with creating a battery bank I will just cover running the inverter from the vehicle. The main thing to know is what type of battery you will be using. It is suggested that you have a deep cycle battery or those that are used for trolling motors or golf carts and that you get as many amp hours as your budget allows. I have a R.V. that is completely off the grid. I have a 3000 watts inverter with six 6 volt baterries and two solar panels on top. It is sufficient for all the light in the bedroom (3), bathroom (2), living room and kitchen (8), and a microwave. I never use the microwave but it will work on my system. I lived in this R.V. for 8 months and I felt as though I was living in the Ritz Carlton. It was very comfortable. My refrigerator runs on propane gas. I whole system would cost about $1500.

The last thing you need to know is how long will your power supply (battery) last before it needs recharging. First you will need to know the wattage of all the appliances. Lets say we have 480 total watts of power being used, and we are running our inverter off of a 12 volt battery attached to the car. Next we have to convert this number so that we know how many amps are being used. We do this by taking the watts (480) and dividing it by 12 (volts of the battery) and come up with 40 amps. The formula is: watts / volts = amps. If we have a 120 amp hour battery we would divide 120 (amp hours) by 40 (amps) and get 3 hours before the battery is dead. It is recommended not to drain a battery below 50% of its capacity so you may want to divide the 3 hour in half giving you 1 1/2 hour before starting the car up to recharge the battery.

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The Matchless Charms of Christ

Bible Studies

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9.


     When the sinner has a view of the matchless charms of Jesus, sin no longer looks attractive to him; for he beholds the Chiefest among ten thousand, the One altogether lovely. He realizes by a personal experience the power of the gospel, whose vastness of design is equaled only by its preciousness of purpose.  

     We have a living Saviour. He is not in Joseph's new tomb; He is risen from the dead and has ascended on high as a substitute and surety for every believing soul. . . . The sinner is justified through the merits of Jesus, and this is God's acknowledgment of the perfection of the ransom paid for man. That Christ was obedient even unto the death of the cross is a pledge of the repenting sinner's acceptance with the Father. Then shall we permit ourselves to have a vacillating experience of doubting and believing, believing and doubting? Jesus is the pledge of our acceptance with God. We stand in favor before God, not because of any merit in ourselves, but because of our faith "in the Lord our righteousness."   

     Jesus stands in the holy of holies, now to appear in the presence of God for us. There He ceases not to present His people moment-by-moment, complete in Himself. But because we are thus represented before the Father, we are not to imagine that we are to presume upon His mercy and become careless, indifferent, and self-indulgent. Christ is not the minister of sin. We are complete in Him, accepted in the Beloved, only as we abide in Him by faith.   

     Perfection through our own good works we can never attain. The soul who sees Jesus by faith repudiates his own righteousness. He sees himself as incomplete, his repentance insufficient, his strongest faith but feebleness, his most costly sacrifice as meager, and he sinks in humility at the foot of the cross. But a voice speaks to him from the oracles of God's Word. In amazement he hears the message, "Ye are complete in him" (Colossians 2:10). Now all is at rest in his soul. No longer must he strive to find some worthiness in himself, some meritorious deed by which to gain the favor of God.  

     Beholding the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world, he finds the peace of Christ; for pardon is written against his name, and he accepts the word of God, "Ye are complete in him." How hard is it for humanity, long accustomed to cherish doubt, to grasp this great truth! But what peace it brings to the soul, what vital life!--Signs of the Times, July 4, 1892

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Philippines Mission Trip #3

Evangelism News

Youth Extreme      We had another spirit-filled weekend this past Sabbath with the youth here in Bohol. In spite of much rain many of them still came out for our Youth Extreme meetings. On friday night we had a general youth gathering in the church. By Sabbath morning more people came out. We had well over fifty (50) in attendance. They came because they wanted to know Jesus and learn more about His word. I was inspired to see many of them come on their own. Some would show up walking, others came on motorbikes, and still others came in the back of trucks and vans.


    On Sabbath morning Ray spoke at 8am on the subject of health. It was a very simple and clear message for all the young people to understand. At 9am I spoke on the importance of obedience to the law of God, especially the Sabbath. Dean Ferrel led out for the divine worship hour encouraging the youth to go forward. We had a very good youth group chior sing several songs for special music. What a blessing! Brother Dean made an altar call at the end of his sermon and many came forward. What a blessing it was to see so many respond to the call of Jesus to follow Him. Then we had lunch and provided food for all the youth while they stayed around to make friends with others. This group of young people came from different districts in Bohol. Most of them stayed around until 3pm for the afternoon meetings. I spoke on the subject, "The Daniel Challenge". This message was taken from Daniel's 1, 2, 3. Our objective was to challenge the youth to live like Daniel and work whole-hearted for God in Christian service. After the meeting most of the people stayed around to reflect on the life of Daniel. We plan to have a follow-up meeting in a couple months. We solicit your prayers as we continue to work with this group.

     On Sunday morning three of us drove out to Carmen Bohol to the radio station. We were invited to broadcast live on the radio. I was first to speak and I shared health principles from the Bible. We looked at about 8 different bible verses on health and lifestyle. After about 45 minutes of live broadcasting, the power shut down in the whole city. Even though we didn't get to finish, we know that many heard the broadcast even as far as Cebu city. We plan to follow up with more meetings and lectures on this subject at a later time. We also plan to train the bible workers and laymen here in the medical missionary work.


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