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Healthful Living

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How to Care for Grapes - Fruit Thinning

Country Outpost Info.

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Receiving The Holy Spirit

Bible Studies


“Our success in finishing this work depends on our submissiveness to the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. It depends on humbling ourselves before our Creator and denying self so that Jesus can control us and overcome our sin.” Ted Wilson (2010 General Conference, Atlanta Georgia)

1.       Luke 11:8 Desire the Spirit

“As the knowledge of the truth is received, let it be imparted to those who are in darkness, without God and without hope in the world. In such labor there is a variety of minds to deal with, and God will greatly bless His servants as they look to Him for wisdom. The Holy Spirit will come to all who are begging for the bread of life to give to their neighbors.” 6T 90

2.       Luke 11:9-13 Promise of the Spirit ten times repeated.

3.       Zech. 10:1 Pray for it.

“To the consecrated worker there is wonderful consolation in the knowledge that even Christ during His life on earth sought His Father daily for fresh supplies of needed grace; and from this communion with God He went forth to strengthen and bless others. Behold the Son of God bowed in prayer to His Father! Though He is the Son of God, He strengthens His faith by prayer, and by communion with heaven gathers to Himself power to resist evil and to minister to the needs of men. As the Elder Brother of our race He knows the necessities of those who, compassed with infirmity and living in a world of sin and temptation, still desire to serve Him. He knows that the messengers whom He sees fit to send are weak, erring men; but to all who give themselves wholly to His service He promises divine aid. His own example is an assurance that earnest, persevering supplication to God in faith--faith that leads to entire dependence upon God, and unreserved consecration to His work--will avail to bring to men the Holy Spirit's aid in the battle against sin.“ AA 56.1

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The Sealing

Bible Studies

1.      What is holding up the last day events that are to precede Christ’s Second Coming? Rev. 7:3 See 7 BC 968/2:3

Servants of God are SEALED.

2.      What are the servants of God sealed with? Eph. 1:13 See 4 BC 1161/2:3 ____________________

3.      How do we receive the Holy Spirit for the sealing?

a.      Zech. 4:12-14; Acts 2:14-18; 37-41; Rev. 11:3, 4; John 5:39. Remain connected to the __________________ so that the oil of the Holy Spirit is flowing through us.

b.      James 5:17, 18

4.      What did Elijah do before he prayed for rain? 1 Kings 18:30

5.      Is there a broken altar in your home or in your personal devotional life?

6.      What are the prophets of Baal in your life?

7.      1 Kings 18:36. Elijah prayed after ____________________________________.

8.      Is there something God has asked you to do that you have put off doing that could block prayers for the Holy Spirit?

9.      What is holding up the wedding between Christ and us, His church? Rev. 19:7, 8 We have not put on _____________________________________

10. What does the bride need to do to have the wedding garment put on? Zech. 3:1-5 ______________________________________  

11. What is the garment of Christ’s righteousness? Isa. 61:3, 10, 11. MH (spec. ed) 220


We receive the Holy Spirit by:

1.      Reading and using God’s Word.

2.      Praying fervently.

3.      Allowing the Holy Spirit to use us daily.

4.      No longer halting between 2 opinions and allowing Christ to kill the prophets of Baal in life.

5.      Replacing the altar of the Lord = personal and family worship.

6.      Receiving the oil of gladness, the mantle of praise and thanksgiving.


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Country Outpost Tour & Retreat September 2010

Country Outpost Info.


2009 Country Outpost Tour & Retreat Join our camping tour and spiritual retreat Northern California on September 2, 2010. Enjoy camping and hiking at Burney Falls State Park. Join tour guides Bert Leverett & Randy Hess as we tour several different beautiful country properties with lots of trees and a year-round creek available for sale. Visit families who currently live in the country for hands on training in gardening,  canning, setting up and maintaining alternative energy, and much more. You will be able to harvest and buy fresh sweet apples, peaches, and rassberries.   
Burney Falls State Park


When: September 2-6, 2010                          Accomodations: Camping (Tents), Cabin (Early Bird Registration)


Where: Loma Linda & Sacramento       Cost: $160 (single) $280 (couples)


Camp Site: Millcreek Eco Resort Shingletown     Items Needed: Camping Equipment (see below)


Camp in your tent for $15 per night or, take one of 12 smaller one-room cabins at $65 per night which includes two singe bunk beds and two extra mattresses.  The 12 larger two-room cabins are $85 per night and include four single bunk beds.  There is plenty of space inside for chairs or additional sleeping bags on the floor. You will find a list of items you need to bring for this trip and the cost for the bus tour and camping facility at the end of this announcement.





How to Can & Preserve Fruit for the Winter

Step by Step Mulching & Gardening Lessons

How to Start and Maintain a Fruit Orchard




Raisebed Gardening

What You Need to Know about Alternative Energy

Simple Ways of Preparing Winter Fire Wood




Property Tours of Available Parcels For Sale

Installing Gravity Water Systems

Composting Techniques

 Click the Donate button and sign up. Only those who have pre-paid may attend the tour. Sorry, no exceptions.


Total Cost for the Camping & Touring Weekend

Couple $280 total cost

Single $160 total cost,

  Call 951-538-9984

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