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Friday, February 23 2018 @ 12:04 PM PST

Costa Rica's Mission Evangelism Report

Evangelism News


Costa Rica's Rich Coast Our mission trip to Costa Rica was a great blessing. As I am reminded of the people and places in Costa Rica it brings great joy to my heart that we all serve such a loving, all wise, and wonderful God.


Our airplane landed in San Jose, Costa Rica in the early evening. Pastor Senior of Panorama, Profectico SDA Church was there to take us back to Limon, Costa Rica. We traveled more than 2 1/2 hours from San Jose to Limon. Limon is a costal city on the border of Panama. Limon is a very beautiful tropical region with lots of natural resources. Costa Rica is also a very prosperous and peaceful country with a strong industrious economy. Consequently, many families have migrated to Costa Rica from various countries such as Panama, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and other Caribbean Islands.



The Evening Meetings We began our evangelistic efforts going from house to house praying for many families and inviting them to come out to our evening meetings under the tent. The people of Limon are predominately Catholic, so many were very receptive to us. It wasn't long before we had a full tent of visitors and members from the community, and the local Adventist Church. However, the purpose of our efforts were to evangelize those in the community. The programs and meetings were planned with lots of signing, praying, and preaching. There were more than 12 people organizing the meetings each night. As you can see in the pictures, visitors of all ages came out each night. 


      Pastor Senior and other members of the local SDA Church had a full program plan for the children and the adults. What a blessing each night was for me as I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a quiz each night and we gave away books on prayer, bibles, music CDs, and much more. The meetings were scheduled for two weeks, but we decided to extend them another week because the visitors kept coming each night of the second week. We studied the biblical evidence for Christ, the son of God, Creation, Redemption, The Second Coming of Christ, The Sabbath, Man's State in Death, The Sanctuary, and the Great Controversy between Christ & Satan. What a blessing is was to see people stand on the side of Jesus Christ when the final appeal was made. We had several decide for baptism on the last night of the meetings. God miraculously held back the seasonal rains so common to this tropical region during this time of the year. We were blessed by the prescence of God and holy angels as we studied each subject night after night. I'm looking forward for a return trip sometime late this year. Please continue to pray for our brethren and the newly baptized canidates in Costa Rica that God will pour of his spirit in a large measure to prepare us all for His second coming. Amen! 

The Baptisms



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