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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 07:01 PM PDT

Better Living Cooking & Massage Class

Healthful Living

     On Sunday, April 24 we had a total vegetarian cooking demonstration and massage therapy class at the South St. Paul Church in Minnesota. The church health department, together with local church member and volunteers worked together with Breach Builders Ministry to demonstrate and serve a healthy dinner alternative. The menu included a total vegetarian Tofu Enchiladas EntrĂ©e topped with a delicious non-dairy cheese. We also had a very nutritious green salad topped with creamy cucumber dressing and a side of garlic bread. For desert we served our non-dairy delicious Cream Cheese pie. We had more than 80 church members and visitors on Sunday and everyone, including the children really enjoyed the food, together with the demonstrations. God’s plan of health and healing is simple, nutritious, and delicious. What a joy it was to work with Pastor Tinoco, and the members of the South St. Paul Church. Everyone was so co-operative and helpful during the demonstrations.     

      In addition to the total vegetarian cooking demonstrations, we had a practical massage class. Three therapists not only demonstrated the art of massage, but they each gave short full-body massage to many church members and visitors. The art of massage will improve circulation and help to break up congestion so that the life giving blood may reach all parts of the body. The massage demonstrations were very simple, fun, and helpful to everyone. We have received many good reports from those individuals who attended our seven day Better Living seminar. We have received many reports from those who had various health problems and after following God’s plan they have been restored to health. We are rejoicing in the Lord for the wonderful reports of health, hope, and healing to the people of South St. Paul. May God’s grace and love abound in your heart and life as we prepare to meet our God

Better Living Cooking & Massage Class

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 2


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