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Friday, February 23 2018 @ 12:06 PM PST

Bolivia Missionary Tour & Update - January 2011

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Bolivia Missions, Life & People What a BLESSING this trip was to Cochabamba, Bolivia this past January, 2011. Originally, we had seven people scheduled to go on this trip. At the last minute, I found out that most of them could not go for various reasons. We had a plan to work together in training the pastors and church members using the ASI Ministries training material for evangelism. ASI Ministries had pledge to donate the material for the local mission conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia. However, we were not able to make the training material available to the mission conference during this trip. As the last day approached for us to depart, we discovered another major problem. We had no translators to interpret the sermons and material to Spanish. In desperation I prayed that God would work a miracle and provide all the help that was needed. Then I posted a message on facebook communicating our needs to the people within the Breach Builders support group. Immediately, a young lady named Dagmar Encinas who currently lives in Cochabamba, Bolivia offered to help us. Fortunately Dagmar speaks spanish and english very well. What an answer to prayer!


Bolivia Land, Friends & Health Missions

Upon my arrival in Cochabamba, Bolivia I couldn’t help but to notice the unique life and culture of the native Bolivian people. I found them to be very friendly and courteous in spite of the language barrier between us. What a great blessing this mission trip was for everyone on the team. read more>>>


Bolivia Missions & Health Expo. Part of our plan for this mission trip included a health exposition. We had two ladies and one young man from Columbia coming over to help us. In spite of the fact that only one arrived, we still moved forward with our plans.  Before leaving California to come to Bolivia, I had sent an e-newsletter to everyone on our mailing list. Dr. Dusong Kim D.D.S replied to my email offering his help specifically for Bolivia. Upon my arrival, I contacted him and invited both he and his family to help us. We all stayed on campus at the Adventist University of Bolivia. Many of the local church members and those within the community came to attend the health expo.


Bolivia Mission & Evangelistic Meetings After the health exposition we had an evangelistic meeting. Dr. Kim and Bert Leverett alternated speaking each night. It was a great blessing to see the Holy Spirit working on hearts during the meetings. We were only planting a seed of truth during these meetings. In addition, we had a meeting with the local mission conference president. In this meeting we talked about the possibility of bringing missionary students in training to Bolivia to help the local churches with evangelism and church planting. Since that meeting, Dr. Kim and Bert have discussed many different possibilities of working together with the mission conference there in Bolivia. Note our missionary training and practical trades educational plan for this summer. We are working to have our first session of this training school this coming June 2011. Students with learn how to study the Bible, Evangelism, Canvassing, Gospel Medical Missionary Work, Agriculture, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, Alternative Energy, City Mission Work, The Health Foods Industry, and more.


Bolivia Missions & Food Industry In addition to health evangelism we made several different food items to be sold in the local markets as an industry to generate income for the missionary workers in Bolivia. Sister Fanny Segovia is currently doing well with her granola production. During our stay together, we not only saw how Fanny makes her granola, but Sister Carmen Hulio (translator for Dr. Kim) taught us how to make soya burger, garbanzo bean coffee powder, wholesome breads and spreads. I was amazed to see how simple, yet delicious these health food items could be made at a fraction of the cost of those found in most supermarkets here in America. Much of what was share during this mission trip will be taught in our 4 month field training school this coming June 2011.

     While in Santa Cruz, Bolivia we visited an Adventist lifestyle center that may be useful for our mission training school together with Dr. Kim. We also met with Jeff Sutton and took a tour of the new Gospel Missionary Media Network Center. It was under construction at the time of our tour. It was very encouraging to see the gospel being broadcasted around the world via satellite. Jeff is also a missionary pilot and construction developer.

Bolivia Mission Health Center We spent time talking about the possibility of networking and helping each other. As a part of our training school we hope to give students some very basic experience in mission piloting. We plan to fly to some of the remote jungles in Bolivia as medical missionaries to help some of the village people and orphans. Click here for some basic details about our training school this summer. We will announce more details about our medical missionary field training school very soon on our website: www.breachbuilders.org. We solicit your prayers for the Bolivia mission field. If you would like to be involved in this work, or if you would like to sign up for our Medical Missionary Field Training School click on the link below and fill out the form. May God bless you!


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