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Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 01:57 AM PST

Volunteers Needed for Mission Trip - Calcutta, India

Evangelism News

      I just want to keep everyone up-to-date on the mission trip to Calcutta, India, March 3, 2011. I have been on the phone talking with Dr. Sanchia who is our coordinator and worker in India. The bible workers are having GREAT success! They are visiting a total of 60 villages, 3 moslem groups and several other gatherings. The people in these areas are very open to hearing the gospel. We are expecting in excess of 1000 people to attend our meetings in four (4) different locations. I am working constantly trying to make sure everything is ready for the start of our meetings in March. I am arranging to have a big tent set up for one joint meeting. I am also working to establish two (2) guest homes near the site we are working for the volunteers. We are planning to have several cooks prepare good, wholesome vegetarian food. We are planning to rent plastic chairs for the meeting attendees. We will also purchase gift bibles for the baptismal canidates as well.

     We have spoken with the division conference president regarding this mission project and they are happy to see us working in Calcutta. They have given us their full support for the meetings. Among the 60 villages we are visiting, we have four (4) people who have pledged to donate their personal property for the construction of four (4) churches. This is an answer to prayer because there are currently NO churches in the area. I understand that there are many hindu orphan children in the same area that also need shelter.  Join me in  prayer for God to provide what is needed to make this mission trip a success. 
      Please make this mission project a matter of prayer everyday. Please pray that God will provide all the necessary resources we need during our stay. Appeal to your friends and family to pray also. On the life side of the email you will find an item list of suggestions to consider when praying. Please make this a matter of prayer each day. May God be with us as we prepare for this trip.


God is blessing the work in India! Hundreds of people are being reached with the gospel message for the very first time. Many have excepted the messages! We need volunteers badly! Here are a list of volunteers needed for this trip.
  1. Evangelistic Speakers (3)
  2. Health Lecturers (3)
  3. Medical Doctors (1)
  4. General Support Help (6)
  5. Construction Help (4)
  6. Music Help (3)

Mission Trip Needs & Prayer Requests:

  1. Bible Workers in India
  2. Central Location for the Meetings
  3. Two (2) Guest Homes for Volunteers
  4. More Volunteers (USA)
  5. Bibles (Baptismal Guests)
  6. Transportation (Meeting Guests)
  7. Food (Baptismal Guests)
  8. $15,000 Church Buildings
  9. $5,000 General Expenses
  10. Orphan Children

These are just some of the many items needed to make this trip successful. If you are interested in going on this trip please let us know by filling out the form below. This form is only for us to get a general count of those who are interested. Thanks!

The work of the Lord requires hands to strengthen the weak. Why not volunteer today.
Medical Ministry  Bible Work  Vegetarian Cook  Construction  Family Counseling  Literature Distribution  Teacher 


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Authored by: Anonymous User on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 06:09 AM PDT Volunteers Needed for Mission Trip - Calcutta, India
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